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Build a Website

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Project description:

am looking to develop a website that in my mind would be fairly similar to a dating website but more like a database linked to it rather than having individual pages for members.

It would be a website where two types of people could log in. It could have individuals log in and provide information about themselves (optional picture, and some other personal information and possibly a resume.) It would also allow businesses to log in and search through the database to find people depending on specific criteria they were looking for kind of like a dating website (but without the algorithm in the background that dating websites have.) It would also allow these businesses to log on and have information about their businesses and post job postings.

I would also like to be able to charge a subscription fee for the businesses and depending on costs the individuals who are logging onto the website.

I am hoping to work with someone to develop the idea into something that is physical form and off of paper/out of my head.

I am looking for something that is efficient, not too complex and easy to use, but also professional. This all being said, I am also looking to price out how much a website like this would cost to build and keep running. I have a bit of a budget for this project but am hoping to not spend too much money on it.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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